The Best Free Stock Market Data API (2022)

Creating an account

To start getting free stock market data to use a trader or investor, or a developer in your own apps, the first step is to create a free Styvio account. Create one here by registering your username and email.

Copy your API key

Once you are in and have your account created, head to the API key page and copy your secret key. This secret key is what links your account and allows you to pulled data from the API.

Make an API call

You are now ready to make an API call, but now just have to decide what API URL you need. On the same API key page, copy the URL of the API you need. There is a separate section on the same API key page that shows each supported API and what data it returns. Select one, paste your secret key at the end of the URL. You are done, if this guide was successful you should have received a JSON array containing the data you selected.

If this post helped you, create a free Styvio account, and make sure to follow and clap for more.