Introducing Luxor: A Free Alternative to Shopify

Welcome, if you are reading this, you are probably interested in e-commerce or creating an online store. If that is the case, you will love what you can build with Luxor. Sign up free, and start selling for free. No subscription plan needed. This project is transforming how sellers can test and scale their online campaigns.

Overview of the project

With Luxor, the idea is simple. We are providing a front end marketplace, and backend seller dashboard to connect buyers with storefronts. One click checkout, and social media / mobile optimization means a modern, easy buying experience. A thorough yet simple seller dashboard allows for products to hit the marketplace quickly.

How you can use Luxor

If you are a store owner, dropshipper, or anyone looking to get into the online commerce space, you can use Luxor for free to upgrade your social media sales. Simple create a seller account, choose between a single or multiple product listing, and start creating a storefront.

How to make money

Once you start making sales, you will see the buyer name and address in the order section of the seller dashboard. Revenue you make will automatically go into your account, and you can request a PayPal withdraw from the dashboard as well. I hope this guide helped.