Stock Market & Investing App Trends Going Into 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, and a new year starts, I wanted to look back on the design elements and features the defined stock market apps (& sites) in 2021, and then use those trends to predict what is to come. By working closely with founders, developers, and users of these apps, is in a unique position to assess this outlook while we work and build in this space everyday.

What we saw

  • Social based investing
  • Crypto and NFT integrations
  • Product first design

In 2021, the rise of social investing is the biggest trend that took the markets by storm. Arguably originating a lot earlier than 2021, social based valuations are leaving traditional value investors frustrated, and almost begging for a correction. Some examples of social originated investments include AMC, GME, DOGE, SHIB, and to an extent, most altcoins. These equity products did not move based on a business changes, but instead based on a social movement surrounding the equity. This is a trend that is showing itself in more and more of the markets. App makers are tailoring their product to cater to these types of traders and investors. Social sentiment analysis products, and high short volume screeners have never been more popular. Crypto and NFT markets are at the forefront of this, as their rises were born from a social investing perspective. A lot of crypto platforms are looking to get involved with traditional stock markets, and a lot of stock market platforms are getting more and more involved with Crypto.

What we predict

  • Immersive, game-like content
  • Social media platforms getting involved
  • Platform first design

Some people are calling it the Metaverse, but the trend has been apparent for a lot longer than that. Almost all forms of content compete for your time, and the time the average user spends on any given digital platform is increasing. With stock market applications, the goal is to keep you in market related content as long as possible. This has traditionally been done by adding more features, and leveraging a social audience, but those two are becoming one in the same. The modern stock market platform startup will create a solid product, and then create a discord community to find the user, during or after the fact. Weather Discord itself adds in features that make creating monetizable audiences more streamlined, or Twitter does it for them, the trend is clear. Users want to chat in real time, and “be with” the company their are supporting 24/7. Creating more immersive experience that keep the user interacting with a business, even off of the app, will be critical in 2022.

Build Your Own App / Site

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